How do You Deep Clean a Fabric Couch: Ultimate Guide

Having stains on the sofa is normal. If you have kids or pets at home, get ready for it. However, cleaning the stains, dirt, or grease spots from the fabric is not a Gordian task. You can even do-it-yourself. It is better to contact professional cleaners like AJ Cleaning Service Dubai to get quality services in no time.

Follow these 9 easy steps to clean a fabric sofa.

Sep # 1: Never ignore stains

Stains! Uhhh! Dripping a drop of coffee on the fabric of the sofa leaves harder spots to remove. Go and clean your sofa without wasting a minute. As long as you ignore the spots, they will become tough and stubborn to remove.

How do You Deep Clean a Fabric Couch

Step # 2: Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions found on your sofa’s tag to read instructions. It will help you to choose the right type of detergent or cleaning solution. In order to avoid any damage to your sofa, follow those guidelines.

Step # 3: Understand the cleaning codes

Have you ever noticed random symbols on your sofa’s tag? Those are actually cleaning codes that help you to determine the type of your sofa. For example, ‘’W’’ means ‘’water-based cleaners’’, ‘’S/W’’ means ‘’solvent and water-based cleaners’’, and ‘’S’’ means ‘’solvents’’. Understand these symbols to choose the right type of detergent or solution.

Step # 4: Remove dirt or unattached particles

After determining the right type of your sofa, use a mild brush made up of soft bristles to remove dirt or lose particles. It helps you to get rid of clingy unattached particles and it also prepares the surface of the sofa. Rub the brush gently and avoid leaving scratches on the fabric of the sofa.

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