4 Essential Household Items You Must Clean Regularly

4 Essential Household Items you Must Clean Regularly

7 Essential Household Items You Must Clean Regularly

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted us at home. It is necessary to maintain daily home deep cleaning. ‘’Work for home’’ is as important as ‘’work from home’’. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizers are not sufficient. You need an efficient and affordable solution to clean every corner of your home. Even many DIY tips are effective to kill germs. If you are running out of time, you can hire expert team members.

These 7 household items are necessary to clean regularly.

1# Coffee pots:

Having stubborn coffee stains on coffee pots seems disgusting. If you are thinking to replace it, you might be wrong. Instead of this, buy a pack of denture tablets. Put some tablets with water and run it for a few minutes. Denture tablets will clear all grime and grease spots.

2# Toilet bowl, shower doors, and floor:

Using bleach agents and scrubbing filthy toilet is a time-consuming job. Buy a pack of lemon powder or a bottle of vinegar. Spread it on the entire surface and enjoy a cup of tea. It will clean your toilet in just a few minutes and leave a sweet fragrance. Book professional home cleaning services in Dubai to sanitize or disinfect your toilet

3# Windows and glass doors:

The cheapest way to clean windows and glass doors is to use dishwashing soap. Use a ladder to reach the windows. Spray it on the glass and wipe out dirt with an old newspaper or clean microfiber cloth. The home cleaning services in Dubai make your windows squeaky clean in just a few minutes and improve your view.

4# Upholstery:

Cleaning stains and dust from upholstery is a tedious job. You can use baking soda, vinegar, shaving cream, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid soap to clean carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofa, and chairs. Avoid rigorous scrubbing and try blotting. If you do not know how to clean upholstery items, hire a skilled person for sofa & carpet steam cleaning services.

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