5 Simple Steps on How to Restore Marble Floor Tiles: A comprehensive Guide

5 Simple Steps on How to Restore Marble Floor Tiles


It does not matter how much regularly you clean and maintain marble floors; it captures scratches and obstinate spots. It becomes too difficult to clean it, and the floor loses its shine. It is a signal to go for marble floor restoration and polishing. There is no need to go for marble floor replacement when you can breathe a new life by polishing it. 

Find out these top 5 easy steps to restore marble tiles in your home, office, shop, or garage. Let’s start with it.

Step # 1: Evaluation of the floor

The first step is the evaluation of floor condition. For example, analyze chips, grout, or broken tiles. Use a utility knife to remove grouts and chips. Remove all broken tiles and clean the surface. Use a rotator tool with a carbide blade to remove tiles. Re-install all removed tiles and re-grout the surrounding joints. Use a damp sponge or clean cloth to remove excess grout. Leave the marble surface to set grout and tiles for approximately 24 hours.

Step # 2: Clean the marble floor tiles

It is a very simple step. Use a damp mop or broom to clean dust, dirt, or debris. It helps to prepare the surface before starting the restoration process. Make sure that the tiles are completely dry before cleaning them.

Step # 3: Eliminate scratches and spots

The marble polishing services in Dubai use an orbital sander with 100-grit sandpaper to remove scratches and spots. It is advisable to do small circular motions to grind the edges. After sometime replace the sandpaper with 150-grit sandpaper and repeat the same process. Finally, use 220-grit sandpaper to give a smooth touch to the surface. Continue this process unless it removes all scratches or spots.

Step # 4: Polish the marble tiles

It is a very common practice to use a 4-inches angle grinder with a polishing pad to polish the marble tiles. Take about a quarter-size drop of the marble polish on a polishing pad and gently rub it against the surface. Leave it for a few minutes until polish will turn grey. Use angle grinder over grey polish to buff the surface. Continue this process until the polish turns into a gloss. To give a radiant and glossy appearance, repeat this process several times. Instead of doing this process on your own, get the marble polishing services in Dubai to save you time and money.

Step # 5: Brush up a sealant

Apply a thin layer of marble sealant and let it dry for approximately 48 hours. It locks moisture in the floor and prevents it from catching stains. Avoid mass movement in that area for some time until it is ready to use.

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