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Professional Cleaning Services in UAE

Sofa, Upholstery & Carpet Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

AJH Cleaning offers professional carpet and sofa cleaning services in Dubai at very affordable rates. We use commercial-grade machinery and tools for the efficient cleaning of stubborn stains from upholstery items. Your carpets and sofas get allergens, dust, grime, and dirt particles. If you have pets or kids at home, get ready to have stains on upholstery items. The professional carpet shampooing lightens up the color of the carpet and fiber. It gives a brand new aesthetic look to your home’s interior.

Give a healthy & refreshing environment to your family members with our reliable upholstery cleaning services!

Dubai Carpet & Sofa Cleaning

Transform Your Living Spaces: Carpet & Sofa Cleaning in Dubai

We have been in the carpet and sofa cleaning industry for many years. We understand the requirements of our customers to deliver the best results in minimum duration. Our professional carpet shampooing services in Dubai benefit you in many ways. We convert cluttered and dusty upholstery items into relaxing and comfortable pieces of furniture. Our expert technicians have the best dry and steam cleaning machinery to capture the last dust particle from upholstery items. Hire our expert carpet cleaners in Dubai to revitalize your upholstery items in just a few hours.

Water Tank Cleaning Service

Get an aesthetically amazing look to your carpet and sofa with our professional upholstery cleaning services!

We are a highly professional cleaning company with more than 10 years of combined experience serving customers across Dubai, the Gulf, and the Middle East region. We service clients from all market sectors in Dubai and the UAE, including residential, commercial, corporate, and industrial.


We use world-class equipment, combined with industry best practices, to ensure that we deliver services exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our field personnel are professional, courteous, and detail-oriented, trained according to our customer-centered work philosophy.

Most importantly, we treat every home with a healthy level of respect, keeping in mind that it is our customer’s personal space.

For our sofa and carpet cleaning services, we use high grade equipment to extract dust and other particles that can be allergens from the surface of the fabric. This is followed by a deep and intensive cleaning process using eco-friendly, non-toxic carpet and sofa fabric shampoo.

Why choose us?

  • We have the latest carpet & sofa shampooing machinery for the removal of all kinds of stains.
  • Our trained team members have hands-on experience and industry-specific knowledge to use the best techniques for stain removal.
  • We inspect the fabric code to choose the right cleaning materials for upholstery items.
  • We use internationally proven, non-toxic, and 100% safe chemicals for removing stubborn stains.
  • We provide exciting deals for both residential and commercial carpet & sofa cleaning procedures.
  • We are available 24/7 to provide the best sofa and carpet cleaning services at your doorstep.

Give you’re indoors a fresh look today with professional carpet and sofa cleaning services in Dubai from one of the leading names in the business – AJ Cleaning Services.

How do You Deep Clean a Fabric Couch

Our 4-step upholstery cleaning procedure:

AJH Cleaning has designed a special 4-step upholstery cleaning procedure for the efficient removal of stubborn stains. Schedule regular sofa shampooing in Dubai to get rid of dander, hair, filthy smell stains, and spots! Here is a brief description:

  • Step # 1: Analysis of the stains
    Our expert cleaners first examine the upholstery items to choose the right cleaning procedure. We check fiber codes for the accurate selection of chemicals.
  • Step 2# Approval from clients
    We discuss the entire procedure with our clients for their approval. We always give priority to your suggestions. We start the procedure once you approve it.
  • Step # 3: Start procedure
    We use ultra-efficient machinery and EPA’s approved chemicals for one-step removal of stubborn spots. All steps are performed under the surveillance of trained team members.
  • Step # 4: Final check-ups
    We inspect the upholstery items for final touch-ups. In case, we find any flaw; we monitor results for your satisfaction.

Contact AJH Cleaning offers sofa and carpet cleaning in Dubai at your doorstep!

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We guarantee 100 per cent satisfaction with our services, whether it’s your carpet, upholstery, or sofa mattress. And if you’re not happy with our work, just call us within 24 hours of our service, and we’ll send a team back to your place to do another round of the same, free of charge!

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