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After Construction Cleaning Services In Dubai

AJ Building Cleaning Services provides full systematic post construction clean up services for customers based within Dubai. Whether you have just renovated your apartment, or construction at your building has finished, our team will seamlessly take over the clean up process so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Our services for post construction cleaning in Dubai are designed to provide homeowners, landlords, property managers, and contractors with a swift, quality and cost-effective solution to their post-construction cleaning needs.

Leave no traces & debris with comprehensive Dubai post construction cleaning

With more than 10 years of cleaning experience, we can meet a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial requirements for after construction clean up.

Our after-construction cleaning services List:

  • We provide a full range of after-construction cleaning services
  • Cleaning dust, scuffs, chips, and dirt from all the surfaces
  • Dusting window & door frame, woodwork, appliances, and light fixtures
  • Removing stickers or labels from different glass and wooden surfaces
  • Scrubbing, cleaning, and dusting all kinds of floorings
  • Cleaning exterior and interior of the building

However, if you are looking for other types of after-construction cleaning services, simply let us know. We have sufficient expertise, hands-on experience, and ultra-efficient equipment to meet the requirements of our clients.


We service residential spaces including apartments and villas, as well as commercial and industrial spaces, such as offices, buildings, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and more.

From simple renovations to full-scale construction sites, our hardworking post-construction clean-up team will manage the complete and meticulous cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, tidying and clear out of your construction site.

Guided by careful attention to detail, our team delivers top-tier service that leaves our customers with tidy and spotless spaces.

Why choose our reliable after-construction services?

Our trained team members have industry-specific knowledge and hands-on experience to deal with all kinds of after-construction cleaning services.

  • We have the latest tools, industrial-grade machinery, and ultra-efficient equipment for after-construction cleaning services.
  • We use EPA’s approved, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% safe chemicals and cleaning solutions.
  • We offer affordable deals to our regular clients for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually after-construction cleaning services.

Our trained team members wear personal protective equipment with a name badge to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

  • We properly dump waste material from the construction sites.
  • We are ready to serve our clients 24×7 for after-construction cleaning services I Dubai.
  • What are the three phases of the after-construction cleaning procedure?
  • Our trained team members follow three phases for the after-construction cleaning procedure. Here is a complete detail of the three-phase process:

1# Rough cleaning:

It is the first stage of after-construction cleaning. This stage involves scrubbing all surfaces, proper disposal of left-over debris, removing stickers or labels, and vacuuming the entire surface. Basically, this stage prepares the area for future cleaning.

Deep cleaning

2# Moderate cleaning:

It is a labor-intensive after-construction cleaning stage. It involves cleaning and scrubbing toilets, windows, sinks, kitchens, rooms, cabinets, and countertops. At this stage, we use cleaning detergents and the latest tools to generate the best results.

Sofa Cleaning

3# Final cleaning:

It is the final stage of the after-construction cleaning procedure. We do final touch-ups to make the surfaces clean for future use. Even we remove fingerprints, markings, and smudges to create a clean surface.

What is our 4-step after-construction cleaning process?

  • 1# Deep analysis of the area:
    First, we inspect the entire area for deep analysis. It helps us to select an appropriate procedure and cleaning agents for after-construction cleaning services.
  • 2# Designing a customized strategy:
    After a detailed inspection of the area, we design a customized strategy to meet your requirements. The selection of tools and cleaning agents are made under your budget.
  • 3# Starting after-construction cleaning:
    Once receiving approval from our clients, we start after-construction cleaning. We use state-of-the-art machinery and environment-friendly chemicals to ensure the best results for after-construction cleaning.
  • 4# Detailed inspection of results:
    After performing our procedures, we perform a detailed inspection of the area to check the credibility of the results. We fix all the problems in case of flaws to maintain our standards.

We deliver 100% customer satisfaction with results that exceed expectations

We always aim to deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction in every service we do. Complementing our high-quality suite of services is competitive pricing, on-time delivery, quick customer support and response, and reliable after sales service.

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