Terms and Conditions

AJH Cleaning is one of the leading companies in Dubai that provides you door-step cleaning services at the best prices than competitors. We request our customers to review our terms and conditions before booking a service from us.

We are open to discuss your requirements, however, we request our customers to understand these terms and conditions.

Rescheduling or cancellation policy:

You can reschedule our cleaning services before 24 hours of commencement of work. You can also cancel your bookings 24 hours before starting the formal task. However, you will cost extra cancellation charges. Please reach out to us at our available timings.

Payment options Online Cash / Check:

We accept online cash or check. However, cash should be put in an envelope before handing over to our team members.

Pre-work and post-work condition pictures:

Our expert team members will take pictures of your pre-work and post-work conditions for the sake of promotions and proof of performance. We request you to coordinate with us. We will never compromise on your comfort and privacy.

Estimation values:

The estimated price values are based on your requested service. The actual charges may vary from estimated charges. Additionally, you can re-evaluate estimated rates at any time.

Time frame:

The time frame of your service varies from place to place according to requirements. However, we try to complete the task as soon as possible. Please corporate with us to complete the cleaning process within a short duration.

Service limitations:

Our dedicated team members are not responsible to move any object weighing more than 15 lbs. We will not perform the cleaning process in an area that has potential signs of bio-hazard. We request to make your area free from any mass movement to ensure safety.

No liability:

Before starting our professional cleaning services, we request you to replace all precious or essential items. Our team members will not be responsible for any damage, repair, replacement, or loss. We offer no security to your items.


We demand full access to the area to deliver our 100% work. In case of restrictions, you cannot claim for our fault. The area must be managed properly to ensure proper cleaning.


If you are not satisfied with our dedicated services, you can contact us to inform us about complain within 24 hours after the completion of service. In case your complaint is genuine, we will send our representative to fix your issue.

No pets and no children:

We demand an uninterrupted area to ensure your health and safety. Due to safety issues, we request you take out your pets, children, or staff members from the place.

Request for cleaning chemical verification:

We use 100% eco-friendly and certified chemicals for cleaning purposes. In case you want to see the authorization and approval of chemicals used by us, you can claim this.


We do not encourage tipping. However, you can give tips to our employees if you are happy with their professional cleaning services.